Our Products

NuTech offers the most diverse range of products available on the market. Please click here to access package inserts.

Tc-99m Unit Dose Radiopharmaceuticals

•Albumin Aggregated (MAA)
•Bicisate (Neurolite)
•Exametazimne(Ceretec) WBC Labeling
•Mebrofenin (Choletec)
•Medronate (MDP)
•Mertiatide (Technescan MAG-3)
•Oxidronate (HDP)
•Pentetate (DTPA)
•Pyrophosphate (PYP)
•Sodium Pertechnetate
•Succimer (DMSA)
•Sulfur Colloid
•Tetrofosmin (Myoview)

Other Unit Dose Radiopharmaceuticals

High Energy
- Dotatate
•Sodium Fluoride
Low Energy
•Carbon-14 Urea (PYtest Kit)
•Indium - 111 DTPA
•Indium - 111 Labeled White Blood Cells
•Iodine - 123 Capsules
•Iodine - 123 Iobenguane (Adreview)
•Iodine - 131 Diagnostic Capsules
•Iodine - 131 Therapy Capsules
•Indium - 111 Pentetreotide (Octreoscan)
•Samarium - 153
•Strontium - 89 (Metastron)
•Thallium - 201
•Xenon - 133
•Yttrium - 90

Adjunctive Pharmaceuticals and Interventional Agents

•Adenosine (Adenoscan)
•Aminophylline Injection
•Dobutamine Injection
•Regadenoson (Lexiscan)
•Sincalide (Kinevac Injection)
•Ultratag RBC Kit

Authorized Vendor

NuTech is an authorized vendor for many companies including PineStar, Mirion, and RadQual, Eckert & Ziegler. We would be pleased to provide you a price quote on anything that your department needs. No job is too small or too large.

Regulatory Affairs

Do you plan to install a nuclear or PET cameras in your facility?

Do you need to amend your existing Radioactive Materials License with a new physician, new site or a new radiopharmaceutical?

Do you need help with regulatory issues with Texas Department of State Health Services Radiation Control Program?

We can help! NuTech, Inc offers assistance in all these problems. We can help you write the new RAM License, we can check on your existing application, we can amend your RAM License according to your requests and current TDSHS regulations. Our expertise can be confirmed by numerous satisfied clients. We offer this free service as a courtesy to our existing and potential new customers. So, if you work in 100 miles radius from one of our three locations Tyler, College Station, and Wichita Falls give us a call or e-mail. We will do everything possible to save you time, which you would otherwise spend trying to figure out the Texas Administrative Code and the Code of Federal Regulations.