NuTech Green Initiatives

NuTech, Inc. is committed to identifying and implementing green initiatives where possible
throughout all aspects of our business. Our current initiatives include: combined vendor
ordering, facilities power saving strategies, green deliveries, managed printing, and web and
video conferencing. More specific information on each of these initiatives follows below.

Combined Vendor Ordering
NuTech limits the number of vendors and combines orders whenever possible to limit the
impact to the environment by decreasing the amount of waste from shipping supplies and fuel
consumption and waste associated with multiple deliveries.

Facilities Power Saving Strategies
NuTech employs multiple green initiatives in reducing the amount of power that our facilities
consume. We recommend shutting down your office computer, monitor and printer at the end of
the workday or during any periods of extended absence. All computers and monitors are set to
shut down and monitors after a period of one hour no usage. All NuTech facilities are equipped
with programmable thermostats that limit the amount of energy used when the facilities are
unoccupied. Additionally, the air conditioning in our facilities is zoned so that energy is not
wasted in unused portions of our buildings. NuTech’s Corporate Headquarters is equipped
with an energy recovery unit on the air conditioning system to limit the energy consumption.
NuTech’s future commitment to sustainability includes the planned installation of solar panels to
our Corporate Headquarters.

Green Deliveries
NuTech is committed to employing green strategies in all of the deliveries to our customers. We
combine multiple orders to a destination and we combine orders to facilities in close proximity
to each other in order to minimize fuel consumption. Our vehicles are well maintained, with oil
changes according to a schedule and tires inflated to the proper pressure in order to minimize
fuel consumption as well. We also seek to maintain sustainability by employing hybrid vehicle
technology when possible, and the use of “eco” modes on our vehicles.

Web and Video Conferencing Services
In our continuing efforts to enrich support for sustainability, we are pleased to announce the
availability of web and video conferencing services.

Eco-Friendly Phone Books
As part of our sustainability efforts, we hope you will elect to use an eco-friendly online AT&T
phone directory instead of the traditional paper-based phone books.

Eco-Friendly Mo-99Generator System